‘Man Rock’ Pompeii Apparently Got Good Teeth,what is the secret?

pomMount Vesuvius erupted explosively in Pompeii makes the ancient Romans killed were buried alive. It is one of the deadliest volcanic eruption in Europe.

Hot clouds, hail and burning ash buried Pompeii, and tragically, perpetuating the last moment 1,500 people in it.

1,600 new then, accidentally, discovered Pompeii. Archaeological excavations discovered human bodies preserved by the ash, with all the poses. Recently, researchers discovered a surprising thing of remains of victims of this disaster are thousands of years old. Especially, their teeth.

In this case, experts find out that their teeth healthy. This is what makes them surprised.

“It seems that they have healthy teeth condition. Allowing them have done a low-sugar diet, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables,” said dentist Elisa Vanacore, as reported by CNN

According to him, the food consumed the Pompeiian is similar to the Mediterranean diet became one of the ’cause’ of people in southern Europe have a long life.

A team of experts perform a CAT scan of the 86 framework of Pompeii. They are stored in a human-shaped coffin for the sake of preserving the framework and facilitate the experts examined them.

“The process of this research want to know about their age, sex, what they ate, what diseases they had suffered, to social classes where they are. It is a new breakthrough for our knowledge about the world of the antique past,” explained Massimo Osana, archaeological superintendent of Pompeii.

The discovery of low consumption of sugar in their diet makes the ‘resident’ Pompeii never experienced significant dental problems than modern man.

Another surprising discovery was, it turns out the bones of the skeleton owned damage. This is due to higher Floriade in water consumed them.

Most contemporary humans consume foods high in sugar. Found that many health problems such as tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and heart blockage.

Not only modern man who is in trouble with sugar. Queen Elizabeth I reportedly have bad teeth due to his habit of consuming sugar.

Europeans began fond of foods containing guladi beginning of the 18th century, precisely in the year 1750. At that time, sugar became an important commodity in Europe and is ranked five of imported goods . The development of the fields of sugar started to grow in the West Indies and America is one cause.batu permata aquamarine

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